To Be Safe, Vote Early:

One Stop Early Voting in North Carolina

One Stop Early Voting in North Carolina makes participating in the election easy, safe, and secure! Choose when to vote, avoid the lines, and ensure that your voice is heard this fall.

Find a One Stop Early Voting location

Find the early voting location and time that works best for you.

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One Stop Early Voting is the easiest and most secure way to vote

  • Vote at any early voting site in your County
  • Avoid Election Day crowds at polling stations
  • Ensure your vote will count before Election Day
  • Same-day registration is available only during early voting

When you can vote early and what you need

  • Early voting in North Carolina begins October 15 and ends October 31.
  • If you are already registered you do not need a photo ID or proof of residency.
  • To register on the same day you vote early, you must complete a North Carolina Voter Registration Application and prove your residency by showing a document with your current name and address. For a full list of acceptable documents, click here.

Don’t squeeze Election Day into your schedule—vote on your own time during early voting, and make voting work for you!

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